In sync with quality edu, all-round dev of students must should be focussed upon : HP Edu Sec

New Delhi, Jan 9 (Bureau) HP Secretary Education Department, Elementary and Higher Education, Abhishek Jain held a meeting with Deputy Directors of Education, District Project Officer Samagra Shiksha DIET, and other officers and gave necessary guidelines for providing quality education to children. Deputy Commissioner Una Raghav Sharma was also present at the meeting. Abhishek Jain called upon the officials of the education department to focus on multifaceted development to bring quality education.

He instructed the officers to inspect various ongoing construction works in government schools in the district and ensure that all the works are completed within the prescribed period. He instructed the officers to ensure timely compliance of the orders issued by the government. He said no work should remain pending. Abhishek Jain said work should be ensured through e-office and email. He asked to computerise all the data of students and teachers studying in all schools of district Una. He said this work should be completed by January 31. This work is being completed in the district in the form of U-DICE. He urged Deputy Commissioner Raghav Sharma to get this work done under his supervision. He said special attention should be paid to the maintenance of the school gates, campuses, and buildings. He said along with academic activities, sports and cultural activities should also be included for the all-around development of the students. He also called for the inclusion of innovative activities in science and mathematics in schools. He said that proper maintenance of sports material should be ensured in schools and games like chess, skating, and judo-karate should be started.

The Education Secretary said all the teachers should motivate the students to make maximum use of the school library and maintain the books available in the library properly. He said the eyes, teeth, and anemia of the students should be inspected from time to time in the schools. He said that in order to keep the students away from evil like drugs, motivate them to increase their interest in sports. For this, he ordered organizing sports activities at the school and college levels.