Where are ‘Achche Din? ‘, asks Cong

New Delhi, May 26 (Agency) The Congress on Thursday slammed the government over price rise, unemployment, communal tension and a host of other issues, and claimed that the government has failed on all fronts as the Narendra Modi led union government completed eight years. The Congress also released a booklet, titled, ‘8 saal, 8 chhal, BJP sarkar vifal’ (Eight years, eight scams, BJP government has failed). Speaking at a press conference here, party General Secretary Ajay Maken said the promise of ‘Achche Din’ was a rhetoric, and questioned who did the “good times” come for.

“The most important catch-phrase before the polls was “achche din aayenge” (good times will come). Today the question that people, as well as Congress, is asking is who is enjoying ‘good times’?” Maken questioned. “Is it for the BJP? Which has got properties worth over Rs. 5,000 crore… Or for the ultra rich who are earning Rs. 1,000 crore or more… Or for those 142 richest people who earned Rs. 30 lakh crore even during Covid times,” said Maken. He also said India has declined from the 55th position to 101 in the Global Hunger Index, and climbed down on several international indexes, which includes indexes on Press Freedom, Gender Gap, Rule of Law, Social Progress, Democracy Index, and Food Security.