Rajasekhara Reddy demands redesigning of ‘Iconic Bridge’

Hyderabad, Oct 17 (FN Agency) BJP leader and Rayalaseema Development Convener Byreddy Rajasekhara Reddy on Monday demanded the Centre should get redesigned the “Iconic Bridge” across Krishna river connecting Andhra Pradesh and Telangana asthe “Bridge cum Barrage” for aiding agriculture besides transport and tourism. Union Road Transport and Highway Minister Nitin Gadkari tweeted that the Central Government has given green signal for the construction of Iconic cable-stayed cum suspension bridge across Krishna river in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana at a cost of Rs 1082.56 crore with the construction period of 30 months. It will reduce the distance between Hyderabad and Tirupati by 80 kms. In this contest, Byreddy who wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and copy of which was released to media during the press conference held here on Monday said, ” I being a man from agrarian and peasantry roots feel much pang in my gut and soul to listen that a blind nod which the Central Government had given to Iconic Bridge, which is grandly peddled in a well oiled public relation exercise as ‘First of it’s kind in Country. What exactly that ephemeral tag of ‘One of it’s kind’ do, to alleviate the needs of larger populations of land, especially the drought hit agrarian classes of Rayalaseema and South Telangana. He said spending huge sums from the public exchequer must bring emancipation and alleviation of poverty as essential outcomes.

It is evident before our naked eye, and seeing are we the spoils of excessive tourism based cultural corruption in Sri Lanka and Thailand among others. We must have development, and sumptuously rich we should become, but not at the cost of culture and our root profession agriculture. Now in the present context this Iconic Bridge if replaced with Bridge cum Barrage, it apart from easing commuting to the divine abode of Tirumala from Telangana, the infrastructure design change will stabilise the much needed water elixir requirements of both drinking and agricultural. Sir, what fun it is, when people commute in cars on hanging cable bridges and strolling on glass pedestrian pathways, when the sea of waters in mothers like Krishnamma flow beneath untapped into Sea instead of quenching the thirst of millions of acres, cattle and sons of soil? please ponder your high selves. It’s a Divine boon that the fine rice variety of Masoori from this region got a happy marriage with the soils and climate, only to yield a much sought after delicacy on par as a staple food on global platter by name ‘Kurnool Masoori. ‘ Much is the success story similar in dairying of Chittoor and horticultural bounty reaping in Kadapa and Anantapur.Yes seed setting with apt winds and air moisture is blessing to our lands of Kurnool which is around the purported bridge, but that nature’s boon will only be amply used when waters are stored by a barrage for seed production instead of a glitzy bridge of cables, which shall only be a sheer misfit to needs of both culture and people here.

He said Krishna River Water Management Board (KRMB) will become a beacon for other such bodies spanning the entire Bharath, if it comes with an execution plan for a much needed Water Storing Barrage rather than a mere tourist attraction ‘Iconic Bridge’. ‘Such a move will stabilise irrigation pattern and rhythm for Rayalaseema through Pothi Reddy Padu Head Regulator. Reservoirs, K C Canal, Handri Neeva Flood Waters Utilisation and several other similar infrastructure for a cause. This Barrage if materialized through a Left Canal Channel infrastructure will also usher in agricultural growth and arrest distress migration in South of Telangana i.e. Palamuru/Mahabubnagar areas. It is not that your higher selves are unaware of my explanation above, but paucity and volubility of your time compelled me to pen these lines for you to have a fast glance and ponder over. Kindly intervene in your highest capacities for the cause of my People and most importantly Indigenous Cattle and Livestock thriving, which will be only possible because of vibrant Agriculture and green cover, Byreddy said in his letter. He said the similar letters will be submitted to both the Chief Ministers –YS Jagan Mohan Reddy (Andhra Pradesh) and K Chandrasekhar Rao (Telangana), Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari and among others.