Modi govt helping employers at the cost of workers’s

Mumbai, Jan 6 (Agency) After the independence of the country, the first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru took the country on the path of progress across all sectors, said Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee President Nana Patole. “Congress made India a powerful country with the help of workers” said he. Nana Patole was speaking at a state level session at Panvel. He further said in the year 2014, Narendra Modi came to power by making a lot of promises. “Every year two crore jobs will be given, one country one tax, Rs 15 lakh rupees will be deposited in everyone’s bank account, farmers’ income will be doubled, and based on these promises people also gave BJP power with a majority. But as soon as he came to power, Modi took control of the media and ended the fourth pillar of democracy, put pressure on the administrative system, and same for the judiciary.”

He severely criticized the BJP government by saying that the Congress government passed many laws and gave rights to workers, but the Modi government has worked to end the existence of the labour movement and has ended the labour system. The rights of the workers have been ended by bringing employer specific laws. “They planned to bring three black laws to alienate the farmers, but the Congress raised its voice across the country in support of the farmers’ agitation and finally forced the Modi government to withdraw the black laws. There were laws that gave various concessions, rights and privileges to the workers, but they were changed to a large extent and brought laws that served the interests of the employers and enslaved the workers to the industrialists. This labour law put everything in the hands of the employers” Patole said. The Modi government is giving important government projects in the country to a few industrialist friends. “This privatization has threatened the existence of workers. There is great dissatisfaction among the workers against the BJP and the central government. The workers work to feed their family, but the Modi government at the center is benefiting the industrialists. The Modi government waived off the loans of its industrialist friends to the tune of Rs 10.50 lakh crore and ignored the interests of the workers. BJP has no plans to protect the interests of workers,” he remarked. “The situation in the country has changed since 2014.

The government is being run by keeping the democratic basis of the constitution at bay. All the institutions have been taken over by the central government. Rahulji Gandhi has questioned the authoritarianism. He is walking 3500 km to save the democracy, constitution by bringing people of all religions together. The strength of workers is great. INTUC is the most important trade union,” he stated. “The network of this organization is everywhere, unity is the strength of the workers. We must remain united and stand firmly behind the Congress party. I am sure that Congress government will come to power in Maharashtra. Nana Patole also appealed that if the strength of the labour force stands behind us, we will restore the power of the Congress at the Centre, Mr Patole added.