Delhi CM to ‘boycott’ NITI Aayog meet in protest of Centre’s ordinance

New Delhi, May 26 (Agency) Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday announced his decision to ‘boycott’ the upcoming NITI Aayog meeting in protest against a recent ordinance imposed by the Centre. In a letter addressed to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he has expressed his concerns and highlighted the need to uphold democratic principles and constitutional norms, Delhi Chief Minister office communiqué said. Kejriwal has written about the diminishing significance of attending the NITI Aayog meeting when constitutional norms and democratic principles are disregarded.

The CM has appealed for the free functioning of non-BJP governments and urged the PM to respect the orders of the Supreme Court, it said. Kejriwal wrote to the PM, expressing his concerns regarding recent incidents that undermine democracy and cooperative federalism in India. In the letter, the CM alleged that the disturbing trend of non-BJP governments being toppled, overthrown, or hindered from functioning effectively. He noted that such actions do not align with the spirit of cooperative federalism, which is the objective of the NITI Aayog. Kejriwal further alleged that how the Central government overturned the Supreme Court’s order by passing an ordinance within eight days, rendering the Delhi government powerless and hindering its ability to govern effectively. “After an eight-year struggle, the people of Delhi won in the Supreme Court, and in just eight days, you overturned the Supreme Court’s order by passing an ordinance. So, if any officer of the Delhi government fails to work, the elected government chosen by the people cannot take any action. How will such a government function?

It is being made completely powerless. Why do you want to render the Delhi government powerless? Is this the vision of our nation? Is this cooperative federalism?,” the letter reads. He further alleged that when constitutional norms and democratic principles are disregarded, attending the NITI Aayog meeting loses its significance. “When such brazen disregard for the Constitution and democracy is taking place, and cooperative federalism is being mocked by your government, then attending the NITI Aayog meeting holds no meaning. People are saying that we should not attend NITI Aayog meeting. Hence, it is not possible for me to attend the meeting on Saturday,” alleged CM. Meanwhile, Kejriwal sought time to meet Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge and Cong leader Rahul Gandhi to seek support against an ordinance passed by Centre. Kejriwal tweeted and informed, “Sought time this morning to meet Cong president Kharge ji and Rahul Gandhi ji to seek Cong support in Parliament against undemocratic and unconstitutional ordinance passed by BJP govt and also to discuss general assault on federal structure and prevailing political situation.”