Congress to challenge ‘FASTag’ notification, if Goa is not exempted

Panaji, Mar 11 (Agency) Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) President Girish Chodankar on Thursday said that his party will challenge the notification of Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways making FASTag mandatory to all vehicles alleging government has added one more area to loot people. Addressing a press conference at Congress State Headquarters in the city, he said that the government can give options to those who travel frequently in other states.

“If State BJP Government fails to convince the Central government that toll plazas don’t exist in Goa and this ‘FASTag mandatory’ will be additional burden on Goans, and if the central government fails to exempt Goa from this notification then we will be forced to approach Hon’ble High Court to seek justice.” Mr Chodankar said. To a question, Mr Chodankar said those Goans who travel frequently in other states, could be given the option to opt for FASTag. “Government should give people a chance to choose and not impose it on everyone,” he said. The Congress leader alleged that the State BJP government was helping the central government to loot people of Goa, by keeping mum over such issues. “It is the duty of the state government now to tell the central government to bring amendments to exempt Goa from this notification,” he said.

Mr Chodankar said the Central Government had mischievously made FASTag mandatory for all vehicles, irrespective of the fact that they would pass through toll gates or not. “Also the FASTag details have to be mentioned while insurance is being renewed. This is done to loot people and add more burdens,” he said. According to him in Goa, there are no Toll plazas and majority of the vehicles in Goa do not visit other states. “Hence we don’t need to spend on this FASTag. It is meaningless to spend the same. This is injustice by the central government to the people of Goa. We will not keep quiet, but will fight against this notification,” he said.