Cong vows to improve standard in MCD schools

New Delhi, Nov 26 (Agency) The Congress on Saturday vowed to improve the standard in Municipal Corporation of Delhi schools if voted to power in the forthcoming MCD polls. Launching Congress’ vision document for improving standard in MCD schools, Delhi Congress president Anil Kumar Chaudhary said that the party will provide quality education to the children of the poor by setting up “Day Boarding Schools” if it comes to power. This is Delhi Congress’s third vision document, after it announced House Tax and RO water for the poor Vision Documents earlier, for the upcoming elections. Accusing the BJP and AAP that it ruined education in Government schools, he claimed that it has severely impacted the education of children from the families of poor, labour people.

He said that children from poor families also play a major role in nation-building, and if they are denied quality education, it will have an adverse impact in the growth and development of the country as well. The DPCC chief said that the purpose of the Day Boarding schools was to ensure that children from poor families not only get quality education, but also ensure their safety and security, healthy mid-day meals, extra-curricular activities, including sports to tap their full potential, prevent child labour, to bridge the gap between the poor and rich, and digital divide. He said that since both parents of MCD school children go to work for sustenance, Day Boarding Schools will be of immense help to such children for their education and overall growth.