Bulgaria to hold new elections after parties fail to form government

Sofia, May 5 (Agency) Bulgaria is to hold a new parliamentary election on July 11, after attempts by parties to form a government failed, President Rumen Radev said on Wednesday. Both of “There Is Such A People,” the second largest party in the parliament, and Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), the third largest party in the parliament, refused the proposal by the president to form a government. As parties failed to form a government, Radev said, he has to dissolve the parliament next week, appoint a caretaker government, and re-schedule the parliamentary elections. Bulgaria held its parliamentary elections on April 4.

The GERB, the main party in the ruling coalition in Bulgaria, has won the parliamentary elections but lost its majority. The GERB received 25.80 percent of the votes. Together with its partner Union of Democratic Forces (UDF), they got 75 seats in the 240-member National Assembly. The newly established “There Is Such A People” came second with 51 seats, followed by the BSP with 43 seats, the Movement for Rights and Freedoms with 30 seats, Democratic Bulgaria with 27 seats, and “Rise up! Thugs out!” with 14 seats.