Administration paralyised due to power struggle

Puducherry, Jun 11 (FN Agency) Former chief minister V Narayanasmay on Friday charged that the Puducherry administration was paralysed due to power struggle between the BJP and N R Congress. Talking to news persons on the sideline of the congress party’s agitation against the petrol and Diesel price hike, Narayansamy said even after more than 40 days of the elections,a ministry was not sworn in here and nobody knows who’s ruling, he said adding that all departments are held by chief minister N Rangasamy as he alone was sworn in.

He said a large number of people are dying due to Coronavirus Disease (COVID 19). As many as 750 died in one month alone here, he said adding that the congress government managed to prevent Covid deaths in the UT. The elected parties do not have any concern about the people here,he added. Fight is on for deputy chief minister post and for two ministers and people of the union territory are affected due to this power struggle, he charged.
Narayanasmay charged that at a time when people lost their livelihood due to Covid,the union government enhanced petrol and diesel price 21 times in 40 days. Now the petrol price is near Rs.100 a liter in Puducherry. The price of all essential commodities had gone up because of this price rise and the BJP government at the centre is not concerned about anything, he said.