UP govt’s revenue collection increases compared to last year

Lucknow, Jul 5 (Agency) Uttar Pradesh finance minister Suresh Kumar Khanna has claimed that significant increase of over Rs 2,100 crore has been registered in collection of tax and non tax revenue in the month of June this year. Mr Khanna said here on Monday collection of Rs 11,164.11 crore was made in June this year in comparison to Rs 9034.83 crore collected in June 2020, which is Rs 2129.28 crore higher this year.

He said the GST collection in June 2021 was Rs 3481.73 crore against Rs 2939.91 crore in June 2020. The collections under Value added tax (VAT) was Rs 2033.44 crore in June this year against Rs 1522.20 crore in June 2020. The collections from excise duty on alcohol was Rs 2988. 96 crore in June 2021 against Rs 2754.93 crore in June 20. The collections from stamps and registration in June 2021 was Rs 1,825.40 crore against Rs 1048.59 crore in June 2020. The collection from tax on transport was Rs 591.10 crore against Rs 433.13 crore in June last year. The tax collection from geology and mining in June 2021 was Rs 243.48 crore against Rs 337.07 crore in June 2020.

Finance minister said in first quarter of the current fiscal 2021-22 ending on June 30, the total collection from state taxes was Rs 30,156 crore against target of Rs 44,826 crore which is 67 percent of the target. The collections from non tax revenue was Rs 1953 crore against the target of Rs 6067 crore which is 32.2 percent of the target. The minister said there is no proposal before the GST council for the inclusion of the petrol, diesel and petroleum products under GST.