Significant transformation in foreign policy under Modi govt: EAM

New Delhi, June 8 (Agency) External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Thursday said there has been a significant transformation in the foreign policy under the Narendra Modi-led government at the Centre.”As we mark the completion of the nine years of the Modi government. Among the many areas where there has been a significant transformation, foreign policy surely would be among them. Its reflected in the country’s higher standing, greater influence, bigger footprint, new concepts and stronger delivery,” Jaishankar said, while addressing a press conference on the completion of nine years of the BJP government.

Referring to India’s relationship with South East Asia, the EAM said, “If you look at the neighbourhood in South East Asia. In the last nine years, whether it is power transmission, power generation, fuel supply, bridges, roads and railways, actually there is an exchange. Ferry in the case of Maldives.””A large part of the world today sees us as a development partner. We do with our partner what is their priority. The image of India today is of an economic collaborator. Not just with the developing South, but with the global economy. You can see that in terms of the FDI flows and increased exports,” he said.Citing India’s growing capability globally, and growing record as a ‘first responder’ during the timeof crisis, the EAM said, “We initially did more of this in our immediate neighbourhood. With the passage of time that has extended beyond .We were speedy and effective in responding to the Turkey earthquake.”Talking about the Sri Lankan crisis last year, Jaishankar mentioned how India stepped forward to ‘stabilise’ the Sri Lankan economy.”Today, people want to listen to India. They want to be seen with India. They do feel working withus expands and sharpens their influences as well,” Jaishankar said.There is a lot of interest today in partnering with India, he added.