One in four patients of fever test positive for Dengue

New Delhi, Oct 21 (Bureau) One out of 4 patients suffering from fever admitted in Delhi government hospitals are testing positive for dengue, Delhi government stated on Thursday, adding that however, no shortage of hospital beds is reported so far. The state government added that it is keeping a close watch and working to curb the dengue situation in Delhi. It also added that the bed capacity increased during the second wave of COVID-19 has not allowed the shortage of beds in the hospitals. According to the state government figures, 221 patients suffering from dengue are admitted to different hospitals of the national capital. The government also stated that 25 per cent of the admitted patients belong to other states. Of 221 patients, 179 are from Delhi, while 42 patients have come from other states. As per the latest update from the civic bodies, Delhi recorded 723 cases of Dengue till October 16. The government officials maintained that the dengue situation is under control so far.

“There are about 11 thousand beds in Delhi Government Hospitals and only 221 patients are admitted in Delhi’s hospitals. It is clear from this that there is no dearth of beds in the hospitals of Delhi. However, fever patients are coming to some hospitals, due to which there is overcrowding. But, such patients who are not dengue positive after the test are recovering in a day or two and going back,” a senior official said. Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain also said that the dengue situation in Delhi has not deteriorated in comparison to previous years. “Things are still the same as they were in 2019. Corona was on peak in 2020. People were in their homes. Because of this, the cases came down rapidly. But this year as well the situation is expected to remain the same,” he added. The year-wise case trajectory of Dengue cases in Delhi since 2015 (till Oct 16) corroborates with Jain’s claim. In 2015, Delhi had recorded 14,889 cases, 3,650 in 2016, the city reported 3,829 and in 2018, 1,595 cases were recorded, according to reports from municipal corporations The national capital logged 1,069 cases in 2019 while it recorded 612 cases in 2020, the report added.