Odisha is a vibrant society with multiple identities-Naveen

Bhubaneswar, Sep 24 (Representative) Odisha is a vibrant society with many identities, Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik said here on Sunday. Speaking at the Literary Festival , organised by an English daily on the theme ‘’ideas of identity, Patnaik said ‘’I believe, a society’s identity is defined by its core values.’’ The historical Odisha is defined by the Kalinga War. The determination to fight to the finish changed the course of history. It spread the message of peace and Non violence. That is what Odisha continues to stand for even today. The glorious era of emperor Kharavela re-established our identity as a vibrant society, he said. Patnaik said there was a time, when Odisha was separated in many administrative blocks. ‘’While we displayed immense courage for formation of a state on the basis of our linguistic identity, we sorted out a long complicated issue by providing a simple solution for formation of states in Independent India.

There was a time when some didn’t consider Odia as a separate language. Today it is a recognized classical language. ‘’ The Chief Minister said ‘’The Jagannath culture is a narrative of our values in respecting all religions, all cultures. Odisha’s social cohesion is one among the strongest. , we are proud of this great social wealth.’’ The contemporary Odisha, with experience of the past, looks to take a transformative dive to the future. The process of creating the identity of a forward looking modern society in Odisha with all our basic ideologies intact is on. He said ‘’We are transforming our society. Our education, our healthcare, our agriculture…. everything is witnessing a paradigm shift on the foundation of a transformative governance. ‘’ ‘’Our women feel empowered, delivering strong leadership in every part of our society. Our people are more confident of their future now than they were ever before. This new found self-confidence is generating another core value of our society leading to Ama Odisha Naveen Odisha.’’ The chief minister said. New ideas will keep us navigate to the future. They are bits of our greater socio-economic and cultural identity. , peace ,Non violence and social cohesion will remain our eternal values as the roots of our growing identity. Patnaik said.