Mission Karmayogi enhance the civil services with maximum governance, minimum government

New Delhi, May 26 (Mayank Nigam) The Services Department, GNCTD organized a workshop on Capacity Building of Civil Servants for effective public services in VigyanBhawan on 26.05.2023 as a part of “Mission Karmayogi – National Programme for Civil Services Capacity Building”, which has been envisioned by the Central Government and is designed to enhance the civil services under a National Programme. It is pertinent to mention here that “Mission Karmayogi”is anchored by an apex body headed by Hon’ble Prime Minister,Sh. Narendra Modi. The programme conceptualises the vision of ‘maximum governance, minimum government’, conceived by Hon’ble Prime Minister, where the core principle is a transparent, participatory and citizen friendly governance with minimum bureaucratic interference.

Sh. A. K. Singh, IAS, Principal Secretary (Services) delivered the welcome speech and informed the participating officers that the main purpose of organizing workshop is to provide participating officers a platform for collective learning, sharing experiences and understanding the elements of a friendly citizen centric public delivery system. In the first half of the workshop, five sessions on the key elements of public delivery system viz. “Good Governance”, “Inclusivity & Outreach of Citizen Centric Services”, “Maximum Governance Minimum Government”, “First and Last Mile Connectivity in Public Transport” and “Training & Monitoring” were conducted. ACS/Pr. Secretaries who deliberated on these topics during the 5 sessions outlined the importance of these elements in establishment of a robust citizen centric delivery system for improving the quality of life of the citizens of Delhi. The participants also deliberated upon the challenges that may come in way of establishing such a system in Delhi along with the steps for removing the same.
In the second half of the workshop, Chief Secretary, Delhi addressed the participating officers and informed that capabilities of our civil servants can be compared to any civil services in the world and they had delivered in the past their best even without much use of technology, but with the time changing and considering the increase in population, Civil Servants need to adapt to latest available technology.

This is also importantkeeping in view the aspiration of public, which demands speedy, simple, efficient and transparent system of delivery of goods and services. Chief Secretaryinformed the audience as to how adaptation of latest technology has revolutionized the public delivery system like railway reservation system, issuance of passport and epic cards etc. A lot is still required to be done on the part of civil servants in Delhi so as to make Delhi a showcase for the whole Country and the World. This workshop has accordingly been organized to enhance Capacity Building of Civil Servantson the directions of Hon’ble Lt. Governor, Delhito deliberate upon the concept of good governance, which inter-alia includes the use of technology and review of rules and regulations etc. so that a robust public delivery system can be created for delivery of services to the citizens of Delhi in a smooth, efficient and transparent manner.
The Chief Secretary also added that recently the Central Government has promulgated the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Ordinance, 2023 on 19.05.2023, vide which a National Capital Civil Service Authority has been established, which is inter-alia responsible to make recommendations for capacity building of civil servants and other employees serving in the affairs of GNCTD.

The Chief Secretary urged the officers to work without succumbing to pressure of any kind in an impartial, and transparent manner as per the relevant rules and regulations, which are clearly spelt out. Hon’ble Lt. Governor, Sh. V. K. Saxena addressed the participating officers and informed them that since the day of his joining office as Lt. Governor of Delhi, it has been his wish to organize such workshop where all the officers of GNCTD can sit and deliberate upon the challenges and solutions for problems in execution of government projects and policies. He showed his happiness that this workshop has been organized as skill and capacity of the civil servants play a vital role in service delivery, program implementation and performing core governance functions.

Hon’ble Lt. Governor informed the officers that at one or other timegovernment services are required by every citizen in their day to day life. He urged that officers should endeavor to take necessary measures to remove all such hurdles in public delivery system which they would have also themselves faced before entering government service. On the contrary, it has been observed that after coming into service, at times, there is significant change in their behavior, which is a matter of deep concern. Hon’ble Lt. Governor observed that it is the need of hour that civil servants reorient themselves as per the aspiration of people and attach themselves with common people, understand their concern and take adequate measure to redress the same honestly, speedily and efficiently. If there arise any need to review any existing law, rules or regulation which have become obsolete or create hurdles in delivery of service, then the same should be reviewed on emergent basis. They should develop positive thinking to act for the welfare of the society at large rather than taking recourse to old rules and procedures for delaying the work.

Hon’ble Lt. Governor further informed that he has completed one year as Lt. Governor and during this short period, things which have been pending for years, have been got executed due to full cooperation extended by the officers. Before his joining, the average recruitment per annum to different posts was 5000 only, whereas the same mow is 17000. Further, the Yamuna Cleaning Project which has been under constant monitoring of Hon’ble Supreme Court and Hon’ble NGT for the last 28 years and 08 years respectively, has seen no progress, but in the last one year alone, the project have made significant progress. Hon’ble Lt. Governor shared his experience that these work have been executed by these Civil Servants only and I am sure that with positive thinking, the civil servants can deliver the best of their services for the citizen of Delhi. In the last, Hon’ble Lt. Governor, urged that the officers shall work as per the rules in a free, fair and just manner, and always keep the citizen centric attitude, as servant of the Civil Society and note as an Authority.