India’s space policy to be announced soon : Dr Somnath

New Delhi, Jan 4 (Agency) Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Chairman Dr. Somnath on Wednesday said that India’s space policy will be announced soon. After the first draft of the space policy was discussed in February 2022, the Department of Space worked on it. Now this draft has been sent to the Prime Minister’s Office, Dr Somnath said. On the second day of the “Indian Science Congress”, Dr. Somnath participated in a session on Space Science and later addressing press conference here, he said India’s space policy will be announced soon.

“India’s space policy is likely to be announced soon, Dr Somnath said adding that before going to the Cabinet, he would consult with the Prime Minister’s Office, concerned departments and ministries.” He further informed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced the ”Gaganayan Mission” in 2018. That target was to be achieved by 2022. However, there was a delay due to the Corona epidemic. Therefore, after the success of six important tests, it will be decided to launch the manned spacecraft. The “Gaganyaan mission” is the Indian mission to send humans into space. And for this all Indian technology will be used. A decision in this regard will be taken only after technically complete tests, he informed. Regarding the “Chandrayaan-3 mission”, he said that preparations for this mission have been completed and our emphasis is on safe landing. He further informed that “Chandrayaan-3” is an ambitious project of the Indian Space Research Organization.

After Chandrayaan -1 and 2, ISRO will soon launch Chandrayaan-3. The work of Chandrayaan-3 is going on at a fast pace. Learning from past failures, Indian scientists are working diligently on Chandrayaan-3 mission.The Chandrayaan-2 orbiter will be used in Chandrayaan-3 mission. And it will be very beneficial. Chandrayaan-3 is going to be very similar to Chandrayaan-2. But, this time there will only be a Lander-Rover and Propulsion model. Orbiter will not be sent in this mission as assistance will be taken from the orbiter of Chandrayaan-2, Dr Somnath informed. He also said that in the new strategy, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will focus more on research and development and capacity building. Similarly , ISRO will try to increase the participation of private organizations in this field. Many Indian private companies and start-ups are showing interest in providing space engagement services. And Central government is favorable for this. Encouraging the private sector, will enable competition in the global space market and create more jobs in space and other related sectors, Somnath pointed out. The plan for the construction of ISRO’s second launch center at Bangalore has been completed, he stated. Only land acquisition remains. Once it is done, the construction will be started immediately, he added.