Dos & don’ts to manage skin pigmentation

New Delhi, Sep 28 (FN Agency) ‘Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle’, this powerful quote by Erno Laszlo stands the test of time. We should look after our skin with utmost sincerity, and address any problems it faces head on. A common problem many of us do face when it comes to skin is hyper pigmentation.Pigmentation is usually not too much of a worry; it can be controlled and treated. Here are some essential dos and don’ts by Dr Rashmi Shetty, Dermatologist, that one should implement in order to tackle skin pigmentation.1) Say yes to sunscreen:It’s not just sunlight, but daylight itself that can develop and accelerate skin pigmentation. Even inside our homes, the light emitted by tablets and laptops are harmful, and hence, whether indoors or outdoors, summer or rains, there is no excuse to not dab a good sunscreen to protect from pigmentation.2) Moisturise without fail: Daily moisturising prevents skin damage.

It’s always a good idea to keep a good and trusty moisturizer near you all the time. They can serve as faithful bodyguards in the pigmentation battle.3) Eat well:While lotions and creams go a long way in pampering skin, it is also important to have a wholesome diet. Foods rich with antioxidants, as well as foods that have a deep and intense colour tone can prove to be beneficial to the wellness of our skin.4) Use good supplements: Vitamin C, Glutathione and Q10 enriched supplements can prove to be able partners in controlling pigmentation. They contain many good properties such as antioxidants that aid in the preventive as well as curing process.Consider Ra Defence and Ra Vitamin supplements This potent duo of tablets ensures that our skin looks ravishing and radiant sans any pigmentation worries. While the Ra Defence tablet calms and soothes our skin, the Vitamin supplement can boost immunity and enhance skin quality.

These two are certified recommendations to look after our skin.5) Never rub and scrub: The intense friction caused by rubbing and scrubbing can cause exfoliation, which can lead to pigmentation progressing further due to damage of the outermost layer of our skin.6) Stay away from salts: Salts can prove to be rough and irritating to our skin barrier. They can also decrease the skin’s effectiveness in guarding against pigmentation, scarring and other problems.7) Don’t bathe in piping hot water: Many of us have bathe in scorching hot water, but this habit can risk our skin health. It is always ideal to use water that is adequately warm and not too hot for our bathing rituals. Too much heat can harm the skin and increase pigmentation.8) Skip products that can redden the skin:Some skin products have ingredients that can turn our skin red. It is best to avoid such products, even if they offer miraculous benefits or boast of having Vitamin C. This is especially true if one has sensitive skin.Caring for skin night and day, can keep many troubles away! If one follows these dos and don’ts diligently, pigmentation can be nipped in the bud.