Work from home: Essential gadgets to maintain productivity

We are all getting around this new normal. Employers are struggling to create a work from home strategy while employees are struggling to balance their time between work from home and work for home. If you are someone who is working from their couch or bed then you should immediately stop. This is not going to work in the long term and it will affect your health in a big way. While some say that working out of pajamas is not ideal, we would leave it up to you.

Work from Home is the new normal. Even in the post-COVID world, a lot of us are likely to continue with remote work. While going to the office and working from an elaborate setting is a de facto thing, you will need to replicate some of those elements to work well from home. You don’t necessarily need to create a home office to get going in this situation. However, if you see yourself working from home for a really long time even in the future, then it might make more sense. While work from home (WFH) can be daunting with having to juggle between chores, it has also given rise to certain trends that help alleviate issues involved in multi-tasking. It has specially led to a spectacular hike in the usage of gadgets that have proven to make WFH exciting and less tedious.

A computer of any kind, be it laptop or desktop, is definitely the most essential gadget while working from home. We recommend a laptop over desktop if you live in areas with frequent power cuts and no access to backup power source. There is a fair chance that your employer would have provided you with a company laptop. However, if you did not then there are a lot of great options out there. Apple MacBook Air is the most universally loved and recommended laptop for most users.

Reliable Internet and WiFi Router
If a laptop or desktop becomes an important tool then reliable internet becomes the means to get things done. In order to make it possible, we recommend that you look for a reliable Internet Service Provider. While mobile data networks have seen significant improvement in the country, it is better to get yourself a wired broadband connection. During work from home, this would help you work reliably and also make sure that you get a quality router for wireless connection.

If you use a laptop then you probably don’t need a webcam for your video calling experience. However, if you use a desktop then you should get yourself a webcam as well. A good quality webcam will help you present yourself on a call and offer insights without any issue.

External Hard Drive
If you are a creative professional then the importance of an external storage device cannot be underscored. In a situation where you cannot store some file on the main device, an external device will come handy. In addition to gadgets recommended above, we also think you should get gadgets such as a keyboard and mouse. An external keyboard will not only help you type faster but also in an efficient way. While an external mouse would supplement your laptop’s trackpad. In a situation where the trackpad is bad, the external mouse will become a saviour.

Home speakers
Though Alexa has become synonymous with a Home speaker Apple’s Homepod Siri is in the game, too. Smart controls that allow you to go wireless managing your work and home, with splendid sounds and Intelligent assistance, home speakers are a hot favourite not only for professionals but also a hit among children.

Taking calls outside the working space, simultaneously switching to music to unwind, and everything in between has become seamless with these wireless earphones. The relentless switching between office calls and attending to other works has become effortless.

Coffee maker
There is nothing that a steaming hot cup of espresso cannot motivate you to do. While WFH makes you miss many free cups of lattes and cappuccinos, everyone is turning to homemade coffees with an expert coffee maker that keeps them going. Some popular choices include the Nestle coffee maker or a Starbucks machine, it’s a tough pick.

Air purifier
It is more important now than ever to breathe clean air and maintain a healthy body in the absence of much time outdoors in well groomed office spaces. This has become a crucial factor for a sharp increase in air purifier sales. Air purifiers eliminate pollutants and contaminants within your home and let you breathe clean and fresh air all the time. A Philips or a Dyson air purifier are well suited for homes.

Desk setup with proper ergonomics
Setting up a proper workspace at home is a huge challenge. With no appropriate desk and chair or an environment that matches the comfort of office space, WFH has people have come to realise the importance of proper ergonomics.