MONETAS: A new generation blockchain gaming solution with BEP-20 based tokens

Blockchain gaming turns out to be the latest trend in the modern gaming sectors and MONETAS works to offer the Number 1 blockchain gaming services and platforms. MONETAS is working on developing and visualization of an impressive and unique experience where the community has access to winning the rewards.

MONETAS: A new generation blockchain gaming solution with BEP-20
MONETAS also provides the uniquely designed BEP-20 based MNTG tokens that can also be integrated on various blockchain gaming platforms simultaneously without any limitations. It changes the outlook of the entire virtual payments and allows the users to use them for transactions on multiple integrated gaming solutions. The global community can use various services that they offer, including: Live crypto rates, Latest news related to cryptocurrencies, Crypto exchange, MONETAS over others.

Fantasy Sports: Online board games – Ludo, Card games – Rummy,
MONETAS is a one-stop destination for all global online gaming enthusiasts.

It’s Working Process:
The online gaming solutions by MONETAS have easier processing. Global games lovers can easily access and utilize this solution’s fun elements and best virtual payment module.

MONETAS brings the latest gaming to blockchain technology
It includes world’s most famous slots, immersive games and millions of gaming incentives like earning rewards and much more. We recognize that gaming in blockchain doesn’t really mean sacrificing quality, so we’ve created a world-class collection of decentralized gaming platform that offers the ultimate gaming experience on any device.

Registration: To start with, the users must first register with MONETAS’ gaming solutions. (i.e Fantasy Sports Game, Board Game, Rummy Game) Deposit amount to access MNTG tokens: The target users can either join the platform using the Fiat cash or the cryptocurrencies, which then convert to the MNTG tokens (These tokens are designed explicitly by MONETAS to ease and enhance the virtual payments). Using MNTG tokens for in-game actions: The users can then utilize the acquired tokens to participate in the live matches and tournaments and access other in-game functionalities. Earn and grow: As the users earn from the matches, they get MNTG tokens for every victory. These tokens also raise their worth with the growing usage, thus increasing the users’ wallets’ worth. Refer and earn: The game also allows the users to refer the platform to their friends and colleagues and earn some token amount with every successful referral.

MONETAS Token in games – This solution provides a seamless operation and secure transactions for the users and an opportunity to unfold various features and fascinating gameplay. The entire registration process is also more straightforward, and the users eventually get access to secure MNTG tokens that they can use widely across several platforms without any restrictions. Furthermore, the platforms also regularly offer various contests and tournaments, and the users can also create their matches to play with their friends. This is the one-stop destination for global card game lovers.

The services of MONETAS Community were viewed by millions of people around the globe and have rapidly emerged as the number one preference for blockchain gaming. We are building and visualizing a brand new experience where our community will earn rewards.

MONETAS offers a world-class collection of decentralized gaming platforms, offering the best and highly fascinating gaming experience on numerous devices. Additionally, the MNTG tokens are also easily usable across various gaming solutions without any restrictions while maintaining the users’ security and privacy. MONETAS is currently working with three highly fascinating gaming models for global enthusiasts. The models use our highly secure and easily accessible, growing MNTG token, aiming to transform the entire visual payments scenario.

An ICO opens the window of opportunity for global investors to invest in the new market coins and transferring digital currency into project coin offerings gives a hand for global initiative. The MONETAS Roadmap is both rational and straightforward. In each step, we add tools, products and services that extend our presence in the video game industry and performance in blockchain technology. We aim to connect people with their family, friends, society and the external world to share and express their opinions as a forum that connects the gaming industry and social media. Our network connects directly into the digital economy with the opportunity to build and play.