Mixer Grinder – Your Best Supporter in Indian Kitchen

In this multi-tasking age, having a mixer grinder in your Indian kitchen can be very rewarding –makes the process of cooking quicker. Especially, when it comes to Indian cuisine, the correct mixture of spices and masalas is essential to lend that unique flavor and appeal to Indian food which makes it delicious and flavorsome. According to the different recipes, you may need some spices to be crushed and some have to be powered or made into a paste. With a mixer grinder, you can do multitude of kitchen tasksat half the time! If you are looking to choose the best mixer grinder in India, then don’t forget to check out our top 3 recommendations for mixer grinders to buy in India.

• Preethi Zodiac MG 218 – 5 Jars
• Philips HL7756/00 Mixer Grinder – 3 Jars
• Butterfly Jet Elite Mixer Grinder

Uses of Mixer Grinder in Indian Kitchen.
The rich variety of Indian food from Pav Bhaji to Vada Pav is incomplete without different curries and chutneys. A mixer grinder allows you to prepare purees, chutneys, ginger garlic paste in a few seconds only. Here are a number of ways in which a mixer grinder can help simplify your food preparations:

Batter For Idlis And Dosas
Idlis and dosas from South Indian food have been very time-consuming recipes. But an efficient mixer grinder can help you quickly make the finest batter needed for making steamy idlis or crunchy dosas. It can quickly grinds the rice and urad dal to turn into a fluffy batter.

Masala Powder or Paste
The strong and spicy flavor of Masalas ismust for many Indian recipes. When it comes to homemade masalas, there is no comparison for its richness in flavor as it is made using fresh ingredients. A mixer grinder efficiently does the job of grinding ingredients to turn them into a powder form. If you have a mixer grinder, you can prepare your masala powder and masala paste at home.

Tomato Puree
Just like ginger garlic paste, tomato puree is also essential for many Indian dishes. You can easily make fresh tomato puree at home in seconds. You only need a mixer grinder, cut each tomato into two pieces and grind them into the grinder to make a smooth puree. Use the tomato puree to add that tangy flavor in your food.

There are a variety of chutneys like coconut chutney, green cilantro-mint chutney and sweet-and-tangy tamarind chutney that have specific flavor which enhances the taste of many Indian dishes. Making all these chutneys at home is pretty easier, use a mixer grinder, add the mixture of ingredients and grind till it converts into a smooth paste. Now, your delicious chutney is ready!

Preparing Ginger and Garlic Pastes
The ginger-garlic paste is an essential ingredient in Indian cuisine – requires great effort and time if it is prepared manually. A mixer grinder makes the process of making ginger garlic paste ten times easier. Once you have prepared the paste, you can store it in a refrigerator to use for the next couple of days. It saves both your time and efforts.

Grinding sugar
The fine powdered sugar is used in many Indian dessert recipes like Besan ladoo, Kaju Katli, and Shrikhand. With a mixer grinder, it is pretty easy to make fine sugar powder. You can simply grind normal sugar into a mixer grinder and then sieve the mixture. Your sugar powder is ready! Store it into a container with a tight lid.

Extracting juice
Drinking fresh fruit juice is not only to quench your thirst but also provides your body with loads of vitamins and minerals that your body absorbs directly. If you have a best juicer mixer grinder, you can easily and quickly prepare fresh fruit juice every day.

Make Your Cooking More Interesting
If you love cooking and experimenting new dishes but the tedious job of doing lot of preparations make your mind numbing, then you certainly need a mixer grinder. It will seriously make your cooking easier and more enjoyable.