Eduguy Career Predictive Test to Reach Masses Across India

Opening doors to numerous career opportunities for more youngsters across India, the ECPT (Eduguy Career Predictive Test) is now available in Hindi. At a grand online launch programme on 15th May 2021, Indismart Digital officially launched the Hindi version of the ECPT, thus opening avenues for career opportunities to more students around the country. The Eduguy Career Predictive Test (ECPT) is just about a year old and has already gained huge popularity across India as students have found a trustworthy guide and online counsellor that tells them which career is best suited for them.

Eduguy Career Predictive Test
The ECPT is an initiative of Indismart Digital and IBM to promote the Skill India Initiative, National Skill Development Mission launched by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India on 15th July 2015 where the youth are being trained to learn skills that they are interested in. The ECPT is a 120-minute test for students of class 9 to class 12th that predicts the most suitable career option for a student based on Interest, Aptitude and Personality and offers 3 Career Choices from the available hundreds of Career Combinations and is now being called the ‘Career Vaccine’.

These tests have hugely benefited the English speaking students of our country, however, the benefit should also go to the Hindi speaking students. The tests in that way guide young people of the country and they are able to pursue careers based on their talent and interest. The ECPT Hindi version is also another platform that provides better understanding of a person’s innate talent, interest and aptitude and guides them to follow his/her desired career. The launch of ECPT Hindi saw participation of several important persons related to skill development and Hindi language. Dr Neharika Vohra, the Vice Chancellor, Delhi Skills and Entrepreneurship University, sent a congratulatory note and said about the ECPT in Hindi, “I congratulate the launch of a Hindi Career Guide Test. I think it will help the youth to choose careers they want. When the youth choose what they wish to do, they are most likely to excel in that career. This will help boost the Skill Development Mission of India. I wish more and more youth take the Career Guide Test.”

Dr Suborno Bose, Chairman of Indismart Digital, said, “ECPT has become very popular across India, but in order to reach the masses, we have introduced a Hindi version of the test. We have received several requests from teachers, principals and students to start a Hindi version. However, we also plan to launch the test in 10 more languages, including Indian and international languages. We already have plans underway to launch the test in Spanish next month. We expect 10 lakh students to take the test in the next 3 years and that will immensely help the youth to pursue careers of their choice.” The Guest of Honour at the occasion was N Dhiraj Singha, Skill Project Manager, Social Mobilisation and Capacity Building, Assam Skill Development Mission. Singha congratulated Indismart Digital on this unique initiative. “It’s a great idea to have a Career Guidance test in Hindi because I feel language should not be a hindrance in promoting talent and earning a livelihood. Many people cannot express themselves in English for which they are left behind, yet they are extremely talented individuals. The ECPT Hindi will greatly benefit the skill ecosystem in India.”

Other guests who attended the virtual launch included, Dr Savita Kanshiram Tayde, Assistant Prof, Department of Hindi, SNDT College of Arts SCB College of Commerce and Science for Women. Tayde applauded this new and unique initiative saying that many women who are educated in the Hindi-medium will benefit while choosing their careers. Dr Ashish Sisodia, Associate Professor, Hindi Department, Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur was also among the speakers. He spoke about the importance of Hindi in India and across the world and how ECPT in Hindi will help many individuals across the country. Apart from speakers, a few test takers were also present at the launch. Ravneet from Uttarkhand spoke about how ECPT in Hindi had helped his nephew find a suitable career option. Other parents from across the country also joined in to ask vital questions about the ECPT which were fielded by experts on the panel.

About ECPT
ECPT is the world’s most technologically advanced career prediction method designed by IBM, the leaders in AI and Deep Learning. The test helps students identify their own skills, aptitude and interests and therefore determine the right career option. Students can takes the test after Class VIII or can also choose to take it after Class XII. The ECPT is a 120-minute test that includes three sections on Personality, Aptitude and Interest. Every test is independent and it is necessary to take all three tests together to get best results. The AI-driven application instantaneously shows results. ECPT is also effective for professionals considering a job change.

About Eduguy
Eduguy, under Indismart Digital started operations earlier this year bringing to students many pathbreaking and unique initiatives. The ECPT was designed to help anxious and distressed students decide their career choices amidst uncertainty and tension about their future. Where students are unaware of the vast career options open for them, Eduguy connects them to over 14,000 career options that students can pursue, depending on their aptitude and skill sets.