4 tips to prevent skin damage from Diwali’s smoke

New Delhi, Oct 18 (Agency) Diwali is the most cherished festival in India, but unfortunately it also marks the beginning of the ‘dreaded’ hazardous air pollution. On this occasion, the exploding of crackers is considered an integral component of the celebration. Around Diwali, the air is saturated with heavy metals and high levels of particulate matter emitted by firecrackers induce a dramatic increase in health complaints, primarily skin disorders. The skin is the body’s largest organ and first line of defense against harmful airborne contaminants. Flaking, dryness, rashes, dullness, and other skin issues are all brought on by the skin barrier being compromised by exposure to polluted air. Either venturing outside in the smog or staying inside is unrealistic and it won’t provide us with complete care.

Here are some precautions by Ravina Jain, founder and CEO, The Skin Story and The Beard Story, that can be taken to protect the skin while still enjoying the festivities—1) Increase water intake: Water, the fountain of life, is the answer to all your Diwali skin care issues. Since pollution can steal your skin of moisture and leave it parched, battle this by drinking 2 to 3 litres of water per day. Drinking ample amount of water is key to clear skin as it helps maintain skin elasticity, hydrate the skin and flush out toxins leaving your skin healthy and firm.2) Moisturize twice daily: Due to the smoke and toxins in the air during the festival around, the skin’s moisture level would be on an all time low. Using a suitable moisturizer as per your skin type both during the day and at night would help revive the moisture content in the skin.3) Apply sunscreen:Do not assume that you may forego sunscreen just because it is the festive period.

In fact, you ought to use it even more! Air pollution increases the likelihood that your skin may become dry and dull. Sunscreen will not only protect your skin from UV rays, but it will also create a barrier against pollutants.4) Exfoliate using scrubs:During the week of Diwali, your skin may feel unusually grimy, which you can attribute to air pollution. To eliminate it, lightly exfoliate your face twice each week using moderate scrubs which help remove dead skin cells and grime, leaving you with noticeably soft and clean skin.Following these simple yet effective skincare tips will give your skin some added TLC, help retain your skin’s radiance, and benefit you to sail through the celebrations this festive season.