10 Gift Ideas For The Fitness Enthusiast

Fitness is not a trend, but a lifestyle. For many, it is something that they live by religiously. These days, more people are starting to take care of their health more seriously. After all, it is important to have a work and life balance. So whatever your loved ones enjoy, may it be golfing for leisure, or going out on a run to stay in shape, there is a gift for every type of fitness enthusiast (Or if you also want to treat yourself). In this list, we’re featuring some of the best ideas!

A new Casio watch:
Nowadays, a watch is a must accessory, given its trackers and features. Out of all trusted watch brands in the world, Casio is one of the best. It is a Japanese brand known for its quality electronics products. In terms of their timepieces, the classic G-Shock series has shock-resistance and water-resistance features. Casio is known for its durable wrist watches that are also affordable. The quartz timepieces of the brand are more than just a device to tell time, but a handy tool, too!

Underarmour Sports Watch:
Best to stay safe when going out to the gym or going for a run. It is still a precaution to wear facemasks, even if you are healthy. That does not mean that you can’t do it in style! The Underarmour Sports Mask has the airflow that you will need, which makes it the best fit when you are training. The structure itself is designed to stay on your face comfortably. Unlike other face masks, the ear loops are built with durable fabric to reduce ear strain. It also has water-resistant and anti-microbial features. But do note that this is a non-medical and non-surgical mask.

A fanny pack:
It is time to stop the fanny pack slander and prepare for its comeback! Unironically, this is going to be the most useful bag when you travel anywhere. A durable polyester bag has enough space for all your essentials when you go on training. It is multi-functional and convenient to use. Your phone, key, money, and earphones will not get lost with this type of bag.

Resistance bands:
Are you giving a gift to someone who has recently got into fitness? Then give them something that will help them build their mini home gym! For starters, one of the handy things that you can give is resistance bands. There are different types of resistance bands, with different uses. Ask anyone who works out, and they will tell you that this is the first equipment that you should purchase for yourself! Compared to other equipment, these are cost-effective for strengthening and toning your body.

A blender:
Do you want to give someone that they will surely use? Then blenders are a safe bet. Small kitchen appliances are best if your loved one is slowly switching to healthier food. Right now, the trend is those handy blenders that you can use and plug anywhere with a USB. This tiny blender makes a good on-the-go smoothie or healthy shakes! And yup, you can even plug these types of blenders in your car.

Fun yoga mat:
If you are giving a gift to someone who goes to yoga and meditation, then obviously, the best gift for them is a yoga mat! But what if they already have one? Trust us when we say you can never have enough mats, especially when they come in different designs and colors. There are also different types that you can choose from cotton, thick, thin, latex-free, travel-friendly, and more! More than that, keep in mind that the yoga mat should do its job, especially when you are doing stability exercises.

Protein bars:
This is another perfect gift for gym junkies on the go! For some people, it is important to keep up with their daily protein intake to support their bodies. Aside from whey and supplements, protein bars are the way to go. Not only will they satisfy their dietary goals but they also taste good! Buy a couple of ones in different flavors, put them in a box, and watch the amusement in your loved ones’ faces when they finally open the gift!

A Spotify premium subscription:
If you don’t want to go on the conventional route and give them something that they can physically use, then this will do the trick. Any fitness enthusiast loves to listen to a few good playlists when they are doing their rounds. And to show them that you appreciate them, offer to pay for their Spotify subscription instead! This famous music streaming app has thousands of songs, podcasts, and ebooks they can listen to while they are going on a run. While there is a free version for this, the pro version gives more control to the user.

Hair ties:
Name someone who never loses their hair ties? We bet that every person who ties their hair has their own horror stories about suddenly running out of hair tie supply. To show them that you are thoughtful and you listen, you can give them a new supply of hair ties! Another thing that is ever more annoying than missing hair ties is the ones that break while in the middle of doing weights. Nobody certainly wants to work out with their hair all over the place. You can get the colorful spiral ones, which are proven to be best for any hair type.