■ The Story of Monomousumi Services:
A Promising Start-up Glorifying the Writing Experience

Ms Mousumi Kundu laid the foundation stones of this start-up in 2018 when she resigned from the software industry to procreate a breathing environment for a rapid upsurge of creative writers. Her relentless efforts have finally made a killing and thousands of writers are getting associated with this venture every day.

There is no doubt that in the 21st century, ed-tech start-ups are taking the world by storm. There has been a lucid paradigm shift from brick-and-mortar ventures to web-based start-ups revolutionizing multifarious facades of entrepreneurship. There is a multitude of IT features that could be leveraged by these web-based start-up ideas, and with the global pandemic confining people within the walls of their houses, EdTech witnessed funding equivalent to approximately 6 billion dollars! (data by Traxen).

Out of a colossal list of activities that could be provided through these budding start-up ideas, the majority of these have resorted to nurturing the extra-curricular aspects of the benefactors. The Economics Times revealed via a report on Feb 18th, 2021 that investors are betting big on ed-tech start-ups that are bringing extracurriculars online. This evidence is concrete in its structure, as nearly 80% of all school children are interested in some form of extracurricular activity. Not only do extracurricular enrich the personality of the students, but they also ensure holistic development. During the Covid 19 transnational lockdown in 2020, learners of all age groups deployed online media to get the hang of new skills and extracurricular, ranging from playing the guitar to composing poetry.

Creative writing has been defined as ‘any writing that goes outside the bounds of normal professional, journalistic, academic, or technical forms of literature typically identified by narrative craft, character development, and the use of literary tropes.’ Creative writing skills are of paramount importance in people of all age groups. The ability to encapsulate the audience with the power of words and rendering a plethora of emotions with just a stroke of the pen is remarkable and enchanting. Some of these dilettantes transmogrify into published authors and their books are read by people all across the globe. Unfortunately, creative writing is not a sport like a cricket that is worshipped by the people. It is the subtle and precise art of venting personal sentiments on a public forum. The capability to influence people with words is a largely coveted ideal in the modern world, and the ultimate destination for any genre of creative writers is Monomousumi Services.

Monomousumi Services is a creative writing platform enabling budding writers to stretch their wings and plunder the dominion of creative writing. This Kolkata-Mumbai based ed-tech start-up has already carved a niche for itself in its 3 years of selfless service dedicated to the writing community. It is a hybrid platform where readers can both read quality content, as well as primp their hand at creative writing by creating their content. Monomousumi’s platform is an exciting arena to read electrifying articles on an assortment of trending topics. Monomousumi services also publish the monthly ‘Weaver’ magazine where top-notched content-creators are given white space to vent their innovative expressions. This year, Ms Mousumi Kundu, founder of Monomousumi services, was accoladed with the prestigious Shiksha Bharti Award for her incessant and committed endeavours for creative writers.

Monomousumi Services has garnered international recognition for its International Monthly Essay writing Contest that have provided a reputable stage to thousands of writers to pitch their creativity. Over the years, they have organized many more contests including the Star Presenter Award, Creative Writing Competition and the Most Popular Article Award. All of these free and easy-to-apply contests provide great incentives to all the participants. The winners get lavish gifts including trophies, medals, cash prizes, books and phone cases. All the participants win amazing ebooks, discounts and gift coupons. All the winners are interviewed by various Monomousumi ambassadors across the globe and their interviews boost their self-esteem and general appreciation. The most exciting award presented by team Monomousumi is the entitlement to a full-fledged book publication contract! Down the centuries, amateur writers have faced ridicule and their manuscripts have been rejected multiple times by numerous publishers. Prominent figures from JK Rowling to Amish Tripathi have repeatedly stated that their manuscripts have faced various refutations before finally being published. Consequently, publishing houses were deemed undemocratic organizations depriving worthy authors of opportunities. However, all this changed with the advent of self-publishing; and now, anyone with skills could publish his/her books and market it to an international readership. Monomousumi services have added another flair to the intricate process of publication by providing unbelievably affordable deals to all clients. They also give away these deals for free to the winners of the various contests organized by the portal. Besides book and ebook publication, they also offer free promotional services to promising authors and level up their book marketing strategies to higher zeniths.

Ms Mousumi Kundu laid the foundation stones of this start-up in 2018 when she resigned from the software industry to procreate a breathing environment for a rapid upsurge of creative writers. Her relentless efforts have finally made a killing and thousands of writers are getting associated with this venture every day. Monomousumi has fostered an amicable community of established as well as blooming writers who indulge in their hobbies and hone their literary skills. Monomousumi Services also extends internships and campus ambassador opportunities to college students aspiring to create a difference in the literary cosmos. Thanks to this incredible undertaking, thousands of writers are journeying to perfection every day. ‘The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. But the future is seized by those creative enough to strengthen their forte and work towards it. Monomousumi Services is a perfect example of this. It strives to cement a path to perfection, ‘where the mind dominates’.