■ Monsoon Diet:
Tips To Eat Healthier This Rainy Season

In order to avoid the risk of catching a seasonal cold and other anti-fungal diseases, you must make sure that you are abiding by these few tips. Every season brings a few do’s, and don’ts with it, and at times, you will not have a choice to pick and choose. But at the same time, make sure to grab a cuppa and sit by the windowpane to enjoy the weather with your favourite music playlist. Lastly, make sure that you create some tasty treats and make some memories as long as the monsoon lasts.

Warm Food:
It is very, very important to finish your meal before it runs cold. If you cannot have it at the first instance, then make sure that you re-heat it before consumption. Heating the food will kill all the germs in the food and also makes the digestion process simpler. At the same time, warm food tastes better. Imagine having cold, soggy tacos? Well, that is no less than monstrous. Not a fan of spending much time in the kitchen? Then make those quick meal, store them in insulated casseroles that will keep food warm and fresh.

If you have any leftovers from your last meal, then it is best to transfer them into airtight container and lock it inside the fridge. Different kinds of food items react differently due to temperature fluctuations. The rainy season brings in light and heavy downpours, but it also brings in massive amounts of humidity along with the goodness. In turn, it also opens you up to a host of diseases, and mainly the microbes will enter your body via the food you consume. But when you keep the food inside the fridge, it will be regulated in a very balanced environment.

Avoid Unhealthy Food Joints:
Of course, you want to grab a bite of those super tasty samosas from that roadside stall, but you should not! The roadside stalls are very potent to dirty water. Simultaneously, there is a good chance that they are not using the best ingredients and maintaining proper hygiene.

Clean Veggies and Fruits:
Although this is a standard practice to wash the veggies and the fruits before eating them. Raw or cooked, rinsing and cleaning them with a food sanitiser will eliminate all the remaining germs, bacteria and residues from the surface. Sounds good and easy? Absolutely!

Filtered Water:
Boiling the water at a high temperature before drinking it is a proven method of killing all the active germs that might be floating in it. It becomes more important, especially in the rainy season, to have water that is clean and free from all the impurities. If you do not want to become the next target of a virus and fall sick, ensure that you have boiled, filtered, and safe water for consumption.

Increase Vitamin C Intake:
People who have a low immunity system are the first ones to catch the seasonal cold and anti fungal infections. Going by that, it is very important to create a balanced diet and give you all the required nutrients to get through the weather in good health. If you add a good source of Vitamin C to your diet, you will simply be able to build a more robust immune system and fight off any virus that might be hovering around you.

Intake of Bitter:
No one likes to have bitter gourds on a rainy day when all you want is to soak yourself in a bowl full of bread pakoras. But, as much as we want to drift away with the entire notion of hating bitter foods, it does not take away the lingering benefits that come from them. Starting from building up metabolism to easy absorption of all the other nutrients to avoiding blood sugar, the benefits are never-ending. So, there are enough reasons for you to start loving your body by not hating the bitter foods in all capacity.

Moderate Intake:
The monsoon season makes it difficult for people to digest what they eat. You cannot completely do away with your obsession with chai and pyaaz pakoras; hence it is essential to put a bar on the amount that you consume on your happy monsoon spree. If you overburden your system with fifteen pakoras at once, there is no chance that your digestive system will be able to keep up with the pace of your eating habits.

Herbal Tea:
You really want to grab a warm beverage, don’t you? Then, let your heart get what it wants for real. A cup of hot steaming herbal tea or a cup of masala chai will actually make your day. Cinnamon sticks, cloves pods, ginger, lemon! Add whatever you want into your tea, and you are as good as a warrior in a warzone. You can enjoy the weather and have your cup of tea with no guilt at all, as these spices will only boost your immunity!

Cover The Food:
Whenever you are not eating something, may it be fruits or veggies, it is best to cover to lock it up in the casserole. In this way, there will be zero chances of viruses expanding their territory inside your meal. At the same time, a casserole will be able to keep your food warm for a good number of hours. If you want to get the best of both worlds: taste, health, warmth and no risks, then just close your eye and follow the routine of locking up your food inside a casserole blindly. So, are you ready for some tasty pasta tonight?