World Food Program says 41Mln people at imminent risk of famine

United Nations, Jun 22 (FN Bureau) The UN World Food Program (WFP) warned on Tuesday that some 41 million people across the world are at imminent risk of famine. The WFP said famine is already present in four countries – Ethiopia, Madagascar, South Sudan and Yemen – affecting 584,000 people. “Recent WFP analyses show that 41 million people are teetering on the very edge of famine in 43 countries, and the slightest shock will push them over the precipice,” the UN agency said in a press release.

The WFP pointed out that the number of people facing famine-like conditions has increased from 27 million in 2019. The rises in hunger this year have been driven by soaring prices for essential food items, coupled with already existing conflict, climate change and economic shocks, it said. The WFP noted that it has the expertise to reach all those who risk famine with life-saving assistance if it is able to secure about $6 billion needed for 2021.