UNSC to vote Thursday on draft to tighten sanctions on N Korea

United Nations, May 26 (FN Agency) The United Nations Security Council will vote on Thursday on a US-drafted resolution to tighten sanctions on North Korea in light of Pyongyang’s numerous missile launches this year, a source told Sputnik. “The vote is expected tomorrow,” the source said on Wednesday. Yesterday, North Korea test-launched three ballistic missiles toward the Sea of Japan, all from from the Sunan area in Pyongyang. The resolution would tighten sanctions on vessels serving a role in North Korea’s nuclear weapon or ballistic missile program, according to a copy of the draft obtained by Sputnik. The measure would also seek to prohibit North Korea from exporting mineral fuels, mineral oils, and other products of their distillation, as well as bituminous substances, mineral waxes, clocks and watches.

The resolution also would prohibit all members of the UN Security Council from importing these products as well. The resolution would ban all UN Security Council member states from providing North Korea, directly or indirectly, any tobacco or manufactured tobacco substitutes. The measure would also require that nationals from UN Security Council member states be prohibited from receiving technology-related services from North Korea. In addition, the resolution would authorize member states of the UN Security Council to seize and dispose items prohibited by the UN Security Council resolutions against North Korea.