Tokyo reports 1,979 new COVID-19 cases

Tokyo, Jul 22 (Bureau) Tokyo reported 1,979 new COVID-19 infection cases on Thursday, with 5,140 new cases nationwide until 5:40 p.m. local time, local media reported Thursday. Daily new infection cases in Tokyo averaged 1,373.4 in the week through Thursday, compared with 882.1 a week earlier.

The figure of people severely ill with COVID-19 under the metropolitan government’s criteria increased by one, to 65, from the day before. Health experts alarmed Wednesday of a likely “critical” COVID-19 situation in Tokyo, as they calculated infection cases could soar even higher in early August during the Olympics. On Wednesday, a total of 4,943 cases and 20 fatalities were confirmed in Japan. The figure of severely ill patients fell 16 from Tuesday to 390, the health ministry said.