Tokyo reports 1,308 daily COVID-19 cases, logging 6-month high

Tokyo, Jul 15 (FN Bureau) Tokyo reported 1,308 new COVID-19 cases on Thursday, the highest in the capital city since Jan. 21, marking over 1,000 cases for the second straight day, with 3,347 new cases nationwide until 6 pm local time. The number in the capital reached 1,149 cases on Wednesday, which came three days after the fourth COVID-19 state of emergency in Tokyo was declared and just over a week before the start of the Olympics from July 23.

New infections in Tokyo averaged 882.1 per day in the week ahead of Thursday, compared with 663.6 a week earlier. The figure of severely ill COVID-19 patients under the metropolitan government’s criteria increased to 57 from 54 the previous day. The Japanese government is proposing to limit the movement of citizens during the global sporting events within the emergency state lasting until Aug. 22, which covers the duration of the Tokyo Games, as well as the summer vacation period including Japan’s Bon holiday in mid August.

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said at a ministerial meeting on Wednesday that the government would facilitate thorough measures to prevent new infections and ensure a smooth rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations. On Wednesday, 3,194 new cases of infection were reported across Japan, the first number topping 3,000 since June 2. New COVID-19 fatalities came to 20 across the country, bringing the cumulative death toll to over 15,000. The nationwide number of severely ill COVID-19 patients declined by 12 from Tuesday to 412.