Thousands march in London against UK gov’t, demand action on Palestine, climate change

London, Jun 27 (Agency) Thousands of people in London joined a Saturday a demonstration organized by the People’s Assembly Against Austerity to protest against the UK Conservative government’s policies, demand freedom for Palestine and request urgent action to tackle climate change. “Tories out,” “Free, free Palestine,” “One world, one struggle,” and “The NHS [National Health Service] is not for sale” were some of the slogans they chanted as the crowd walked across central London towards Parliament Square.

“This march is against the government, the new police and crime bill which would make peaceful demonstrations more difficult, but also in solidarity with Palestine and the climate change rebels,” Paul Thomas, a postal worker representing the Communications Union told Sputnik. Jim, an activist from Extinction Rebellion, who, while handing out leaflet to passer byes, told Sputnik that the ecological movement had joined Saturday’s anti-government protest because “it is time to pull together.”

In Parliament Square, several speakers, including former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, Labour lawmaker Zara Sultana and Black Lives Matter activist Majestic Marvina, addressed the crowd. “Our fight is intersectional, our fight is intergenerational, our fight is international,” said Marvina, while Sultana said the Conservative government led by prime minister Boris Johnson had committed “social murder” during the COVID-19 pandemic by discharging people into care homes without testing and having health workers without proper personal protection equipment.