Protesters rally against COVID-19 passes in Paris

Paris, Jul 17 (Agency) A protest against France’s mandatory COVID-19 passes and obligatory vaccination of medical staff began on Saturday in Paris, a Sputnik correspondent reported. President Emmanuel Macron on Monday announced that the health pass would become mandatory in France from August to visit bars, restaurants, as well as when boarding a train or plane. In addition, starting on July 21, the pass will be required when visiting cultural events, shows, performances, festivals.

The protest was initiated by Florian Philippot, the founder of the right-wing Patriots party and former National Rally member. The event started at the Palais Royal square in Paris’ 1st arrondissement, which is filled to capacity. Multiple participants have been seen carrying the country’s national flag. Chants demanding “freedom” or Macron’s resignation can be heard periodically.

Meanwhile, another protest, which was called for by the Yellow Vest movement, is supposed to take place today in the southern part of the French capital. On Wednesday, when the country celebrated Bastille Day, many citizens took to the streets to show their displeasure with the new health initiative. In Paris, this led to civil unrest and clashes between protesters and the police.