NATO Secretary General confirms support for Afghan peace process

Moscow, Mar 16 (Agency) NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg reaffirmed on Tuesday support for the Afghan peace process, assuring that NATO would keep providing both training and funding for the Afghan security forces. “We continue to demonstrate our commitment to Afghanistan, to the Afghan security forces, partly by continuing to train, assist, and advise them, but also by continuing to provide funding for the Afghan security forces. So, we will assess, we will monitor, we will consult, and then we will make the decisions as we move forward together as 30 allies,” Stoltenberg said at a press conference.

Commenting on the US remaining military presence in the country, the NATO chief stressed that most of the international troops in Afghanistan were currently non-US. “We have to remember that, of course, the US has a significant presence in Afghanistan as part of the NATO presence, but now the majority of the international troops in Afghanistan, they are non-US, demonstrating the strong commitment of European allies, partners around the globe, to participate in the NATO mission in Afghanistan,” Stoltenberg added. On Thursday, the Russian capital of Moscow will host an international conference on Afghanistan with participation of the United States, China, Pakistan and Afghan politicians. Apart from that, Istanbul is set to host another meeting on the Afghan peace process in April.