Kyrgyzstan returns 79 children from Iraq– Foreign Min.

Bishkek, Mar 16 (Bureau) Seventy-nine Kyrgyz children were returned to their homeland from Iraq where they lived in a dire humanitarian situation, the Kyrgyz foreign ministry press office told Sputnik. “Seventy-nine children, the citizens of Kyrgyzstan, were returned from the Republic of Iraq to the homeland within a humanitarian mission,” the press office representative said. According to them, children “who are in a situation that is quite dangerous for life and health and who have a right to state protection” were evacuated with the consent of their mothers who stayed in Iraq and the desire of relatives in Kyrgyzstan to accept them.

The official added that the Kyrgyz government will provide the children with full assistance, and will take action to ensure their early rehabilitation, reintegration and return to a safe and peaceful life. Around 500 people, including women and children, have left Kyrgyzstan for the Syria conflict zone. Some of them ended up in Iraqi refugee camps.