Italian Health Official suggests benchmarking France’s COVID-19 passports

Rome, Jul 14 (Agency) Italian Deputy Health Minister Pierpaolo Sileri on Wednesday called for the introduction of COVID-19 vaccine passports for access to transport and some public venues, following the example of France. “We should introduce this measure in Italy and don’t ask me why we haven’t done it yet, I have talked about it several times to [Health Minister Roberto] Speranza,” Sileri told the Il Messaggero newspaper.

He believes that introducing COVID-19 passports would allow for keeping nightclubs open and, therefore, increase the immunization rate among those aged from 18-40. Yet, the COVID-19 certificates will not be needed to enter cafes and bars, unless the infection rates reach the United Kingdom’s level, the official was cited as saying. Italy’s Special Commissioner for COVID-19 Gen. Francesco Paolo Figliuolo and prominent Italian virologists have already welcomed the introduction of green passes.

The coronavirus dynamic is on the rise in Italy, chiefly due to the spread of the Delta variant and public gatherings to watch the Euro-2020 matches. Meanwhile, the European Union is gearing up for the fourth wave of the pandemic, expected by late summer.