Introduce New Premium 2-Cycle Engine Oil for customers across India

Portland, Aug. 22 (Agency) Oregon has announced the market release of its newest generation 2-cycle engine oil engineered to increase performance and reduce maintenance of non-marine 2-cycle engines, from chain saws and blowers to generators and motorbikes. The new high-quality semi-synthetic formulation burns cleanly and meets the high JASO FD test standard, meaning less smoke and fumes. The product also includes a built-in fuel stabilizer for longer shelf storage and reduced engine build-up, while providing great internal lubrication. “We’re excited to offer this new product to the global market, specially in India,” said Jennifer Fritz, Business Segment Director – Lawn and Garden at Oregon. “Most 2T or two-stroke oils available on the market today are still fully mineral-based and can only be certified at lower standards. They produce more harmful fumes and emissions. Our new formulation is less polluting and will also extend the life of the motor, protecting the customers’ investment.”

Oregon’s Premium 2-cycle Engine Oil (SKU # O10-6366) is available through the authorized exclusive distributor Omni Impex in India. Mr. Ankoor Gupta, Director, Omni Impex, said, “We want to offer world-class environmentally safe products to our customers and Oregon Lawn and Garden products have proven their mettle and were our obvious choice.”

About Oregon®
Oregon takes pride in making sure professionals and homeowners have the tools they need to do the job right. Oregon products are trusted around the world because they work smarter, last longer, and perform better. Oregon® is a brand of Oregon Tool, Inc., a global manufacturer, and marketer of products for the forestry; lawn and garden; farm, ranch, and agriculture; and construction markets.

About Omni Impex
Omni Impex has been offering ‘Forestry, Lawn and Garden Solutions’ since 1992 with a clear vision to cater to the chainsaw requirements with good quality products and to introduce innovative products in the Indian market at affordable prices. Omni Impex has maintained its focus and is currently the distributor in India for “Oregon Tool, Inc” USA for their entire range of “Oregon” products of forestry and lawn and garden.