Germany Allocates Over $360Mln for Scientific Research on Ways to Counter Coronavirus

Berlin, May 12 (Agency) Germany has allocated 300 million euros ($363.5 million) for scientific research to treat the COVID-19 disease, including by the means of vaccines, Health Minister Jens Spahn said on Tuesday. “We, as the German Ministry of Health, received 300 million euros from the lawmakers, from the German Bundestag for these purposes,” Spahn said, adding that the implementation of this program will be carried out jointly with the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

The initiative is expected to “contribute to the development in the field of coronavirus therapy through vaccines,” the minister noted, adding that the virus is impossible to be completely defeated in the long term. “The virus remains, the question is whether we can control it,” Spahn said. He stressed that the vaccination was the best tool in the fight against the coronavirus. However, given some citizens are unable to get vaccinated for health reasons, it is vital to create a therapy for COVID-19 for them as well.