Festival ended with the sacrifice of idols, Durga returned to Kailas

Dhaka, Oct 6 (Representative) Sharidiya Durgotsava, the biggest religious festival of the Hindu community, ended on the day of Vijaya Dashami, Wednesday. She has just left the mortal world and reached the abode of Kailas. The people of the Hindu community bid farewell to Maa Durga with tears in their eyes in the symbolic journey of deposing the idol. This ended the five-day autumn festival. On Wednesday (October 5), the puja mandapams of different parts of the country were abuzz with the rituals of worship, worship and sindoor playing of sadhaba women. Vermilion is the color of love. Melbandhan is formed by women.

Red tilak was also seen on the forehead of small children.On this day, the dedication of idols started from 3 pm. Devotees and devotees thronged Wise Ghat, the capital’s central Bisarjan Ghat, to bid farewell to Goddess Durga by wearing oil-vermilion, drinking paan and sweets. Due to the corona epidemic, the Durga Puja ceremony was bound by various restrictions for the last two years. Because of the short arrangement, the vermilion play and dedication procession did not take place in most places.

Due to the reduction of Corona, the Hindus have taken part in colorful arrangements. In the morning, the ritual worship of the goddess ends with the ritual worship and darpan visarjan of Dashami. Apart from this, the idol of the goddess is worshiped with jara, betel leaf, betel leaf. After that, flowers are given.And one woman put vermilion at Durga’s feet and put that vermilion on the forehead of another. In the afternoon, Vijaya’s procession takes place in the traditional music of conch and uludbhani, khol-kartal-dhak-dhol and the song of Devi Vandana. Devotees take idols from different places of Dhaka to the banks of Buriganga by trucks. Jai sacrifices various idols on the river’s chest.