Earth Anthem calls for reimagining our relationship with Earth and each other

Anatavario, Jun 6 (Bureau) On the World’s Environment Day 2021, Earth Anthem written by Indian poet-diplomat Abhay K was recited by several poets, actors and actresses, musicians calling upon people across the world on Saturday to imagine the whole planet as our home and express solidarity with all species inhabiting the planet Earth by restoring ecosystem’s .

The theme for the World Environment Day 2021 was Ecological Restoration by reimagining, recreating and restoring. Poets who took part in recitation included Roula-Maria Dib from Dubai and Beatriz Russo from Spain, Vanize Lemos from Brazil. Actors J. B. Alexander from New York, Gajraj Rao from Mumbai, actress Maria Paula from Brazil, musician Nini Markes from Georgia and translator Katarína Džunková from Slovakia also joined in reciting Earth Anthem on this occasion.

Penned in 2008 by Indian poet-diplomat Abhay K., Earth Anthem was launched in 2013 at the Indian Council of Cultural Relations on the the occasion of the World Environment Day and since then it has been translated into 116 global languages so far.