Colombia to plant forest in memory of COVID-19 victims

Mexico City, Mar 19 (Bureau) – Colombia will plant a forest of 60,000 trees in memory of COVID-19 victims in the Cundinamarca region, Carlos Eduardo Correa, the minister of environment, said. “This will be a tribute to families harmed by the pandemic, a symbol which will herald life through planting trees. It is a very beautiful restoration project which everyone could visit later, especially relatives of those who left us”, the minister said on Thursday. The planting will cost more than $1 million.

The project will be included in the strategy of forest restoration, according to which Colombia’s authorities have committed to plant 180 million trees by 2022. Colombia has registered around 2.31 million COVID-19 cases, 61,636 people died of the disease, and about 33,000 people are currently receiving treatment.