‘Passion enough to get success’

Pune, Jan 25 (Agency) Passion, desire to learn, to grow, hard work and perseverance are the key factors for success, advised Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan to students. During an online lecture as a Question & Answers session with the students of Symbiosis International University on Thursday, he said, “Passion is enough to get success, perhaps this is the fundamental thing for achieving success in life. Desire to learn, to grow is very important. Never give up attitude, hard work, perseverance are also the key factors for success.” “Make your journey exciting and have fun, accept your mistakes, learn from them and remember the end result is not in our hands but we have to give our best in whatever we do,” he noted. Talking about the change in the cinema industry, the actor said, “Creative change is the most important change for over the years in my view. Diverse kinds of stories are coming in the mainstream which was not the case earlier.” “Not only cinema but all sorts of arts have an impact on young minds.