IFFI: GRF signs co-production deal for 10 films with IFA

Panaji, Nov 29 (Representative) Golden Ratio Films (GRF), the content production and distribution subsidiary arm of Vistas Media Capital will be partnering with the South Indian film production house, Innovative Film Academy (IFA) to produce 10 movies. This historic deal was signed at the IFFI Goa Film Bazaar, India’s most prominent platform which facilitates collaboration between South Asian film projects and international film communities. The IFA is affiliated to NFDC for skill development in the media & entertainment sector and has given the proposal to NFDC to co-produce these 10 feature films with Golden Ratio Films. Golden Ratio Films will be the co-production partner for the films and will lend its experience in content creation and marketing to create cinema with a global appeal. Sharing his thoughts on this new development, Ashwini Chaudhary, President, Golden Ratio Films said: “At Golden Ratio Films we are always looking at creating cinema that makes a lasting impression.

We believe in narrating stories through our movies, and these stories have a language, grammar, diction, and emotion that appeal to people in a way that they do not get from your regular, commercial cinema. With Indian movies in regional languages are being accepted globally, we have a great chance here at crafting stories which would interest all. I want to thank the folks at IFFI Goa to enable these 10 projects, and I hope we can produce movies which will make a mark, cross boundaries of language and connect with viewers across the world.” Talking about the 10-movie deal, Piiyush Singh, Co-Founder & Group COO of Vistas Media Capital, said: “At Vistas Media Capital, we have always looked to create cinema that has a global appeal. We want to explore beyond the regular and invest in stories that make a deep impression on viewers, and this 10-movie deal with IFA will help us achieve that. The movie landscape has changed, and the audiences are open to newer experiences, irrespective of the language. Given that we have such a rich bouquet of stories in regional languages, this partnership will work towards presenting the audiences with a rich cinema experience, and I am excited to be a part of this.”

Talking about the partnership, Saravana Prasad – Founder, Director of Innovative Film Academy, added: “The South has a very vibrant and imaginative take when it comes to movies. We always experiment with our characters, and we are quite daring and spirited with our stories. To have GRF partner with us will only lead to creating ground-breaking cinema across genres which will be enjoyed by viewers, no matter the language.”