Sadgamaya Foundation announces free webinar “Nectar of life- Ancient energy secrets for holistic well-being”

Bengaluru, Jun 2 (Agency) Sadgamaya Foundation, a leading Bengaluru based organisation engaged in programs for the transformation of body, mind and soul, using an exceptional blend of spirituality and science, has announced to host a free webinar in English, Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Gujarati and Marathi. The virtual program titled “Nectar of life- Ancient energy secrets for holistic well-being” in English language will commence from 5th June, Saturday, 2021 to 3rd July, Saturday 2021 in 10 online free zoom sessions from 5:30 PM to 6:15 PM IST on every Wednesday and Saturday. The speaker at the event will be D P Mahesha, Founder and Managing Trustee of Sadgamaya Foundation. For the last two decades, Mahesha has focused on helping people heal and understand their path to spiritual growth.

Mahesha is a pioneer in discovery and development of the Five Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space) Breathwork technique. Five Elements Breathwork is a powerful tool which empowers all to seize the spiritual opportunity, providing a unique path to healing and happiness. When Mr. Mahesha experienced series of Spiritual awakening and other mystical experiences over a sustained period of time, it led him to the wisdom of this technique. “In this technique one learns how to free their breath mechanism and attain breath awareness”, Mahesha explains. “We are living in challenging times… but it also contains a gift within. The gift to put your growth, vitality and well-being first. In the webinar attendees will learn of ways to transcend the circumstances with ancient energy practices for mind, body and soul,” said Mahesha. “These calming, empowering tools include Progressive Relaxation Techniques, Breathwork, Agnihotra and Swara yoga,” he said.

Those who wish to attend the webinar can fill up the Google form for English and regional language program details and click on the link to register for the session at The YouTube live stream is also available @5 Elements Breathwork YouTube channel. The attendees can also visit the website www. for regional language programs schedule. Further, for more information on the foundation and the webinar people can also write to [email protected]. Details of the virtual event can also be found at Instagram and Facebook handles @5elements breathwork. For more assistance attendees can call / WhatsApp Sadgamaya Foundation at contact number +91 9945722367.

Mahesha periodically conducts workshops and seminars in 5 Elements Breathwork, and Master Your Mind Workshops in India, USA, Europe and Middle East, These include the flagship 5EB Retreats, conducted once a year, in the Himalayas. “The 5 elements are constant companions in our three-dimensional reality and represent the grounding aspects of our personality. To disregard the 5 elements is to disregard physical existence itself. But, by using them, we connect with everything and yet remain unique,” said Mahesha.