PM narrates how a Bengali daily wager tribal woman became an entrepreneur

Kolkata, Sep 24 (Agency) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday saluted Shakuntala Sardar, a resident of a village in West Bengal’s Jangal Mahal region, who has emerged as an entrepreneur through her sheer enterprise from being a daily wage labourer Shakuntala, hailing from the tribal-dominated Shatanala village, now leads a better life and has even ensured the livelihood of a number of people. Addressing the nation in “Mann Ki Baat” Modi narrated how a sewing machine metamorphosed Shakuntal’s life as she came up with beautiful designs on “Sal” leaves. . “When intentions are firm and there is a passion to learn something, no work remains difficult. Srimati Shakuntala Sardar of West Bengal has proved this to be absolutely correct. and today she has become an inspiration for many other women,” Modi said. For a long time, her family used to earn their livelihood by working as daily laborers. Life was tough. Then she decided to tread a new path and surprised everyone by achieving success. “You would definitely like to know how she achieved this feat. The answer is – a sewing machine.

Using a sewing machine, she started making beautiful designs on ‘Sal’ leaves. This skill of hers transformed the life of the entire family. “The demand for this amazing craft made by her is ever-rising,” Modi said. Her skills have changed not only her own life but also the lives of many people who collect ‘Sal’ leaves. Now, she is also working on imparting training to many women. “Imagine… a family, which was once dependent on labour wages, is now inspiring others to gain employment.. She has enabled her family, which was dependent on daily wages, to stand on their feet. This has given her family the opportunity to focus on other things as well,” he said. But that is not all. Something more has happened, Modi said. As soon as Shakuntala’s condition got better, she also started saving. Now she has started investing in life insurance plans, for a brighter future for her children. “No amount of appreciation for her spirit would be enough. The people of India are full of such talent – give them an opportunity and see what wonders they perform!” Modi said.