Piyush Goyal asks QCI to make ‘quality’ national mission

New Delhi, Oct 6 (Agency) Union Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal on Thursday asked Quality Council of India (QCI) to bring about convergence of all quality and standards in organizations in the country to make quality a national mission. “Convergence will also help us scale up absorption of quality standards, take the national quality mission to every citizen and every business in the country so that the business environment, the investment environment that we have been able to create in the country can grow from strength to strength and help India become a developed nation by 2047,” he said while addressing silver jubilee celebration here.

He urged the citizens of the nation to imbibe the determination to do everything they do in a better, more efficient, more cost effective, more useful and more measurable manner. “The culture of quality has to be ingrained in the nation if it is to become a developed country by 2047. This idea of quality can truly transform this country faster than anything else,” the Minister added. He applauded QCI for bringing quality consciousness into the entire coal ecosystem and said this initiative of QCI has been in the spirit of national service because it transformed the way the coal industry perceived quality. Goyal noted that Food Corporation of India’s (FCI) commitment to quality had resulted in better quality food grains reaching consumers who were mostly underprivileged. He said the process of distribution of food grains was now completely technology enabled using biometrics.

“The entitlement is transparent, the delivery is transparent and all of this happens through a quality-assured process,” the minister said. Pointing out that QCI had played a leadership role in the initiative of the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC), he said, “ONDC will help us save mom and pop stores, save millions of jobs and democratize e-Commerce so that the entire ecosystem gets a chance to engage with modern technology of e-Commerce and become stakeholders of a vibrant future India which cares for every section of the industry, big or small and focuses deeply on customer satisfaction.” While urging QCI to not merely rest on its laurels, the Minister said the 25th anniversary must rekindle a new spirit, a new excitement and open up new opportunities, new thinking and aspirations to scale all programs to make them national in character.