Nucleus Software to hire over 500 engineers from non-metro cities

Bengaluru, Jul 7 (FN Agency) IT firm Nucleus Software on Wednesday said that it would hire 500 fresh young engineers from non-metro cities and towns across the country by the end of 2021. This will be undertaken through its tie-ups with Engineering Colleges spread across the states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand as well as through direct hiring. In the state of Karnataka, Nucleus will undertake the recruitment drive in Bengaluru and Mysore, the IT company said in a statement.

Nucleus already has over 50 tie-ups in place and in circa 2021, it will witness another 20 Colleges being on-boarded. These young graduates will then be trained in an intensive 6 to 12 weeks program by Nucleus School of Banking Technology(NSBT) on cutting edge technology for the global Financial sector to make them industry ready. “We at Nucleus firmly believe in the demographic dividend that the youth of our country can provide, given the right opportunity and exposure. Engineering graduates from smaller towns and cities have a lot to offer, but their potential is usually left untapped because most corporates do not hire from smaller colleges. We are happy to provide an opportunity to talented young engineers from across India so that they not just get a level playing field but actually thrive,” says Mr Vishnu Dusad, MD, Nucleus Software.

NSBT is a dedicated training division of Nucleus Software focused on helping new joinees train and upgrade their skills while being inducted in the organization. Candidates are trained and evaluated based on proficiency and right fitment for different roles with the overriding focus on financial sector based technology. NSBT Learning framework focuses on not just Technology but also on BusinessDomain (Lending and Transaction Banking), as well as onsolutions the company builds, and tools and methods used to improve effectiveness and efficiency. In addition, training on softer aspects of the profession and professional ethics is provided making the young inductee a well-rounded Financial Technology professional. Nucleus Software currently employs around 2000 people and around 200-250 campus hires are absorbed every year.

The work culture and work-life balance at Nucleus has witnessed a large number of workforce choosing to stay on at Nucleus, despite IT being a rapidly evolving industry. As on date, there are over 380 employees who have spent 10 plus years at Nucleus and over 680 employees have spent 5+ years at Nucleus. There are many people who are career Nucleites, as Nucleus employees are also known as, and in fact the former and current CEO have spent more than 30 + years at Nucleus, the statement concluded.