NIT student invents semi-automated trolley for carrying Oxygen cylinders

Hamirpur, Jul 20 (Agency) Rajat Anant, a student of the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Hamirpur, has designed a semi-automated trolley to replace the oxygen gas cylinders and carry them easily within the hospital premises. This trolley made by realizing the saying of ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ can prove to be very useful in the times to come. Especially, in view of the possibility of a third wave of corona infection, many possibilities are visible in this innovation of NIT students.

Deputy Commissioner Debasweta Banik said that during the second wave of the corona, the number of patients in the hospitals was increasing continuously and the health workers had to struggle a lot in changing the oxygen cylinders frequently and moving them from one floor to the other. It was taking a lot of time to replace a single cylinder and the services of 5-6 people had to be taken for this work. This in itself was a big problem for the hospital management. Banik said that even in the market there was no semi-automated trolley available for this work. In such circumstances, she had a meeting with the head of the Electrical Engineering Department of NIT, Dr. RK Jaryal discussed with Rajesh Kumar about the solution to the above problem and urged to develop a semi-automated trolley with the help of engineering experts.

Thereafter, the Director of NIT, Dr. Lalit Awasthy gave his permission for starting the work in this direction expeditiously. Rajat Anant, a student of electrical engineering started work on this project and finally hard work of the boy paid off and within two months, with the help of his younger brother Mohit Anant, he was able to create a model of such a semi-automated trolley, through which only one person could deliver oxygen gas cylinders to the hospital. “The newly invented trolley can be carried from one floor to another very easily and can replace empty cylinders in a very short time,” she said. It’s worth mentioning here that Rajat Anant, who completed his B.Tech degree, only last month, is a very talented student and had produced a prototype related to the electrically charged vehicle last year and that was highly appreciated. The Deputy Commissioner said that an application had also been made through the Industries Department to include Rajat Anant’s new invention in the Chief Minister’s Start-up Scheme. The NIT Management has been completing all the formalities related to its patent. In this project, ADM Jitendra Sanjata and DSP Rohin Dogra also made commendable contribution by coordinating with the research team, the Deputy Commissioner added.