ATF prices hiked

New Delhi, Jun 16 (Bureau) Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) on Monday hiked prices of air turbine fuel (ATF) by more than 2.5 per cent. According to Indian Oil Corporation, the largest OMC and largest supplier of ATF in the country, the price of aviation fuel in Delhi would be Rs 65,908.28 per kilo litre effective from Jun 16, 2021. This marks an increase of Rs 1,719.87 (2.68 per cent). With this revision, there is a likelihood of air fares also rising. Ministry of Civil Aviation has raised the lower and upper limits of air fares this year, citing an increase in ATF prices.

Earlier, aviation fuel prices were cut by approximately one per cent effective Jun 01, 2021 after being increased twice in May – around seven per cent on May 01 and five per cent on May 16. In Mumbai, ATF has become costlier by Rs 1,797.26 (2.89 per cent) to cost Rs 64,068.65 per kilo litre. Prices have been increased by Rs 1,734.37 (2.54 per cent) in Kolkata and Rs 1,804.19 (2.75 per cent) in Chennai to Rs 70,005.86 and Rs 67,519.93 per kilolitre respectively.