53 pc employees believe upskilling influenced their salary hike

Mumbai, Jul 1 (Agency) As the job market has gone through a big change due to the pandemic, a survey has revealed that about 53 pc of the employees interviewed said upskilling has influenced their salary hike. A significant percentage of employees said they were able to shift to better job roles because of upskilling, according to a survey ‘Impact of Upskilling on Performance Management’ conducted by TeamLease Edtech. Around 84 pc of respondents stated that the upskilling initiatives have helped them get better jobs or positions. Further, 54.3 pc respondents chose their upskilling courses in accordance to the industry trends, reducing the dependency on employer and friends, indicating a shift towards acceptance to continuously upskill to be future-proof, it noted. The survey was conducted among over 1,039 employees from across 11 sectors. ‘Last year has been very challenging for both employers and employees. Employees have been on the edge about their jobs, increments and growth, as industries were going through many unexpected and unparalleled shifts,’ TeamLease Edtech founder and CEO Shantanu Rooj said.

Rooj, however, added that many employees considered this as an opportunity and focused on their learning. ‘More than 75 pc of the employed people whom we surveyed took at least one upskilling programme during the pandemic.’ Majority of the respondents are expecting a sizable hike on the back of upskilling efforts and 73 pc believe right upskilling does give an aspirant better bargaining power, he added. TeamLease Edtech co-founder and President Neeti Sharma said this increased interest among employees had been largely influenced by their aspiration to get better opportunities (23.8 pc), shift to new job roles (19.3 pc), improving technical and soft skills (28.2 pc), and fear of job loss (20 pc). ‘There is a clear interest among employed professionals for reskilling and upskilling themselves.

‘People are observing industry trends, doing their own research and are also being advised by their employers while they make their course choices — this is a reflection of the positive shift in the learning ecosystem,’ she said. It is heartening to see that the majority of the aspirants (91.8 pc of 48 pc who switched their jobs) got an increment in package of up to 35 pc, she added. Further, the survey showed that over 73 pc of the respondents believe that upskilling leads to better roles. From the 48 pc respondents who shifted to a new job role, 83.6 pc attribute the movement to a better opportunity to their upskilling efforts, it noted. Additionally, from among the 48 pc who switched jobs, 77.5 pc also received a salary hike between 25 pc and 35 pc, the survey showed. Meanwhile, the survey also found that even as the overall learning ecosystem has improved, there are still some gaps. Of the 25 pc people who did not upskill, 49 pc either did not want to invest money or did not think it was necessary. However, 65.7 pc did eventually believe that they missed the opportunity to upskill and grow in their career, it added.