Nagpur among ‘Top 10’ COVID-19 hotspots in India

Nagpur, Apr 4 (Agency) Maharashtra’s Nagpur has emerged as a major hotspot for Corona virus as it figured among top 10 corona-affected districts in the country. The list released by Health and Family Welfare Ministry, Government of India has mentioned the top 10 districts of the country that are most adversely affected by COVID-19. Out of those 10 districts, eight are from Maharashtra including Nagpur.

At present, Nagpur is witnessing close to 4,000 COVID-19 cases everyday accompanied with around 50 deaths daily. Nagpur witnessed first case of COVID-19 on March 11, 2020. Nagpur had heaved a sigh of relief around June, 2020 when new cases and deaths had witnessed drastic reduction. Suddenly in the month of August, city experienced torrent of COVID-19 cases and situations started getting worse. During the same period, the administration in Nagpur took all measures like constituting the task force, appointing administrators in Government Hospitals, the administration monitoring the situation daily, streamlining the supply of drugs and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). But that did not work and hospitals witnessed full occupancy.

Of course the situation did not remain as it is for long time and cases, deaths all again came down. In fact schools, colleges were re-opened, the routine work began. Everybody felt that now COVID-19 had gone. Institutions merely ran for 40 days and coronavirus again came. In January, the cases again gone up. Initially the daily death count stood at three or five. Nagpur district is daily witnessing around 50 deaths which is causing worry to the administrators. Government has capped the hospital rates. In Nagpur, the whole administration is working on reducing the cases and decreasing the deaths. Nagpur Guardian Minister Nitin Raut had declared lockdown in the first week of March but that did not yield any result. In fact during the period of lockdown cases surged beyond limits. People who run their homes on the basis of daily wages got devastated due to lockdown. Finally, the all-party leaders took decision not to impose lockdown. Nagpur is witnessing a bizarre situation.