Level Up Workplace Productivity with people-centric initiatives

New Delhi, Mar 21 (FN Representative) Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, recently introduced the technological trends for 2021 which are underpinned by three key themes of people centricity, location independence, and resilient delivery. Human capital is the most important asset in any enterprise and to understand how it is engaged and managed is imperative for all organizations. As compared to previous years, the latest trends are more data-driven and human centric, a result of the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic has forced organizations to rethink and redesign their processes, structure, and models to ensure seamless delivery. It is inevitable for them to leverage advanced digital capabilities to understand in real time how human capital is engaged, says Ankur Dhingra chief of ProHance. Digital transformation (DX) around distributed operations management has gathered significant pace and the change that typically happens in a decade has been compressed in just one year. In the past, a majority of the digital transformation was focused on the transformational strategies focused on customers experience. However, post COVID-19, designing the new distributed operations model and how human capital will be connected, visible, engaged and optimized has taken center stage. This needs a technology back-bone which helps companies work seamlessly in any hybrid model from being 100% in the office to 100% remote and every possible combination within.

Any people centric operations management platform should focus on areas like equitable load balancing which ensures a balance of workload appropriately, increasing self awareness on how professional time is spent, data consistency from the front line to the top of the house, and focusing on efficiency and effectiveness. “Having a robust measurement platform that provides insights across all levels of the enterprise will be a critical for future success in a distributed workplace. ProHance can help organizations get this visibility and help them get future ready for the new normal,’’ said Mr Dhingra.