Kejriwal announces weekend curfew in Delhi

Many important decisions announced in wake of Corona surge in Delhi

New Delhi, Apr 15 (FN Agency) Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday announced that weekend curfew will be implemented in Delhi to counter the spread of Corona infection. Addressing a press conference here, Mr Kejriwal announced some important decisions to curb the spread of Corona infection in Delhi, in the wake of the fourth wave of the virus. According to the directives, essential services, marriages and other permitted activities will be allowed with curfew passes. The Delhi Chief Minister announced that weekend curfew will be implemented in Delhi, along with a closure of malls, gyms, swimming pools, and auditoriums. Mr Kejriwal said the cinema halls will function at 30 per cent capacity and the restaurants will not be allowed to cater to dining – only home delivery and takeaways will be allowed.

Weekly markets will be allowed at one weekly market per-day-per-zone format, he said. Mr Kejriwal said the Delhi government will also monitor crowds at weekly markets, and the markets and public places will see stricter implementation of COVID norms. He appealed to the people of Delhi to not insist on getting admitted to a particular hospital; beds will be made available in other facilities if required as Delhi has more than 5000 beds vacant. Addressing the press conference, Mr Kejriwal said, “Corona cases are rising in Delhi. There is a sudden surge, but the hospital management in Delhi is under control. There is no dearth of beds in Delhi, as more than 5000 beds are available. In the context of the rising coronavirus cases, what is important is that a patient requiring a hospital bed gets one. Whether they are allotted a bed in a government hospital or a private hospital, whether within government and private they are allotted in a hospital as opposed to the one they prefer, it should not matter.’ ‘Our aim is to provide a bed in the hospital to every patient who requires it. It is my humble appeal that you get admitted to the hospital that is made available to you.

Additionally, it is my request, especially to the Media persons, please don’t spread false information that beds in Delhi are over. This is not true. There might be a possibility that in certain hospitals the beds are over, however, there are still more than 5000 beds vacant in Delhi. I have had many official meetings since the morning and we are constantly working towards increasing the number of oxygen beds available,” he said. Mr Kejriwal said, “Even then, the coronavirus cases are increasing by huge numbers. Keeping this in mind, the Delhi government has taken some important decisions today. We met with the Lieutenant Governor and have unanimously decided to put a ‘Weekend Curfew’ in place.

Our understanding is that people need to travel during weekdays for work and other essential activities, however, weekends are usually reserved for leisure and entertainment activities – activities that in the given situation can be curtailed and restricted. Keeping in mind the essential nature of work and jobs done during weekdays, we have decided to opt for this and people should not think of it as an inconvenience for them. It is in fact for their own safety. We need to break the corona chain.” “Even on the weekend, we understand that there might be important travel that one needs to undertake, for instance, people working in the essential services, people going to the airports, railway stations, marriages that have been planned and arrangements made months in advance. We understand your needs and for this, we will be making curfew passes and allowing movement. Those who require can apply and we will, in a prompt manner, ensure they are made available,’ he said. ‘Malls, gyms, spas, and auditoriums will be closed. Cinema halls will run at 30 per cent capacity. Weekly markets will be allowed at one weekly market per-day-per-zone format. We will also monitor crowds at weekly markets and release guidelines pertaining to this as well.

Dining at restaurants will no longer be allowed, one can avail of the home delivery and takeaway method for now. Markets, public places, etc will see a stricter implementation of COVID norms,” Mr Kejriwal added. The Delhi Chief Minister said, “We have been noticing a callous attitude in terms of wearing masks, observing social distancing, this is not good for your safety and security. We will be stricter in implementing these regulations once again. These restrictions are being put in place for you, your families, your health, your lives. We understand that these restrictions might be of inconvenience for you, but also hope that you understand the need for these restrictions in the present conditions and support the government.’ ‘It is my humble appeal to the people of Delhi that they support us and follow the guidelines that have been laid down today. I hope that by following these guidelines and working together, we will be able to overcome and defeat the fourth wave of Corona as well,” Mr Kejriwal said.